5 Reasons why action overcomes procrastination

Procrastination is the enemy of action. You know you need to take some action but for whatever reason, you just can’t get yourself to do it. Your dreams may be small or, they may be massive but either way, you have dreams. There are things you want to be, do or have and you may have a million reasons why you can’t make it happen. But, you will never actually know if you don’t try. No matter what the reason you are procrastinating, you must always remember that action overcomes procrastination. Action is the arch-enemy of procrastination.

There has been much written about how to overcome procrastination and amongst the advice; there are some real gems. There really is no perfect strategy, it is just a matter of finding the right strategy for you. However, for the majority of procrastination cases, there is an easy remedy – just take action on your goal. It doesn’t necessarily matter which action you take as you can always correct your course. Action overcomes procrastination and once you start taking action, you will start to get feedback to help you determine whether you are taking the right action or not. You can then make any adjustments. If you never take action, you can never avail of that valuable feedback.


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5 Reasons why action overcomes procrastination

The following are 5 of the most important reasons why action overcomes procrastination every time:

1. Waiting for perfection means waiting forever

5 Reasons why action overcomes procrastination

Perfection is neither possible nor necessary. Too many people wait until they are sure they have mad the perfect choice or, created the perfect opportunity. Taking this approach makes absolutely no sense and for a very obvious reason – you can’t possibly know if a choice or an opportunity is perfect until you have come out the other side.

In all reality, it certainly won’t be perfect because there is always something which can be improved upon but you can’t even know if it is the right option until you put it into action.

Of course, as soon as you start taking action, you will begin to discover whether you made the right choice or not. Rather than wait for the perfect opportunity to come along, it is far better to try one of the following options:

a) If it is a small job you are procrastinating, just pick the option which feels right and go with it. It it doesn’t work out; identify what went wrong and make the necessary adjustments.

b) If it is a bigger job, identify the minimum you can do to get some good feedback on whether it is the right option or not. Businesses do this all the time with new products. They introduce a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at a reduced cost and see how the market reacts to it. If the reaction is good, they then work to increase the product and the price can be increased accordingly.

2. Just right comes after action not before

5 Reasons why action ovecomes procrastination

Stop thinking that you will do what needs to be done whenever the time is right. You will never think that the time is right. There will always be something which makes you doubt.

Truth be known, there is no way to know if the moment is right. All you can do is make a decision, commit fully to that decision and see how it turns out. Only once you have done what needs to be done will you know for sure whether the moment is right.

Before Christmas, I came across a story from Edmonton, Canada. An Edmontonian had found himself in over $40,000 in debt and decided that he needed to take action to get his life back or; he would spend the rest of his life servicing this massive debt. One night, as he was pulling into his home, he heard ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman on the radio. He specifically heard the following lines:​

You gotta make a decision.

Leave tonight or live and die this way.

Tracy Chapman
Fast Car

Straight away, he decided that he knew what he needed to do and if he didn’t do it now, he would never do it. So, he moved into a caravan and began to live modestly, paying every spare cent of the debt. That was a couple of years ago and, later this year, he will be debt free.

This man’s approach may be dramatic but he knew that action overcomes procrastination and if you want to solve a problem, you must act. Talking and thinking alone will never solve the problem.​

3. An idea only becomes good after implementation

5 Reasons why action overcomes procrastination

Just as with timing, you can not really know whether an idea is a good idea or not unless you implement it.

Sure there are some ideas which are really bad and should never see the light of day but assuming that you are an intelligent person, you should be able to eliminate those ideas swiftly.

What you are then left with are the ideas which seem to have some potential but; you are not sure how much potential they really have.

You need feedback. Remember that action overcomes procrastination so don’t sit back waiting for the feedback to arrive. Get up off our backside and seek out the feedback.

In many cases, a focus group or a survey will be enough to get good feedback. If the feedback is positive, you can move forward to the next stage. If the feedback is negative, it may be time to dump the idea; at least for the time being.

In the business world, a common way to test an idea is via a Minimum Viable Product (M.V.P.) whereby you create the basic essentials for the product to function correctly and offer it a reduced discount to your market. If the take up is good, you can then flesh the product out by adding all of the bells and whistles.

Surveys, Focus Groups and Minimum Viable Products all take time but they don’t take as long as sitting back waiting for the answer to magically fall into your lap.

4. Action is the biggest difference maker

5 Reasons why action overcomes procrastination

Have you ever been jealous of somebody who has achieved a level of success? I know I have.

Maybe you think you are just as smart as they are or, even smarter.

Maybe you think you are better at what they do than they are.

Whatever the reason, you just don’t understand how they have managed to be successful and you haven’t.

Well, the answer is rarely complicated – they have done something which you have failed to do.

They took the actions which needed to be taken and you didn’t. It is easy to blame luck but luck is rarely the truth and even when it plays a part, you still have to take action to seize on the opportunity.

Action overcomes procrastination and action is the biggest difference maker. You can be a talker or a doer; the choice is yours.​


I have created a guide to the most common reasons why people procrastinate. Get your copy by clicking the link below.

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5. There will never be a better time than now

5 Reasons why action overcomes procrastination

There really is no better time than now to do something or try something different.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed so you need to take action with the only time you are sure of.

When you put a goal or project off, it is not just that goal or project that suffers.

Every goal or project which follows is also pushed back.

You will miss out on many future opportunities because you do not meet all of the requirements.

For example, if you want to learn to drive but you keep putting it off, there are many things you might miss out on. The jobs you can apply for will be limited because some may require that you have a full driving licence.

Looking at it from another perspective, when you take action, you set the wheels in motion. As you increase the number of things you can do or, have done, the number of options available to you increase exponentially.

Action overcomes procrastination but it also opens a whole new world of opportunities.

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Action really is the kingmaker. Nothing great can be achieved without action. Not only does action get the specific task done but it opens a whole new world of opportunities as you build your knowledge, skills and even confidence. You get a reputation as a person who gets things done which entices people to offer you even more opportunities. And, when things don’t go your way; you will still get some valuable feedback which is far better than doing nothing. Action overcomes procrastination but does much more too. Next time you are indecisive and procrastinating; just pick an idea and start taking action. You can always change course afterwards.​