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Coaching Powerful Productivity

Coaching Powerful Productivity is a Peak Performance Coaching Organisation which assists organisations and individuals to transform their potential into the results they desire while remaining true to their values, purpose and identity.

We do this by helping our clients to identify sources of stress and develop strategies to eliminate them (where possible), or to manage them. We then help them to create a clear vision of what they want to achieve, create an action plan for its achievement, and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully implement that plan. This allows both individuals and organisations to maximise their performance and improve their health, wealth and happiness.

What is Stress?

“Stress occurs when perceived pressure exceeds your perceived ability to cope.”

Stephen Palmer

Challenge and pressure are not harmful in themselves. In fact, they play a key role in personal growth and job satisfaction. However, once the individual no longer feels that they can cope, the effects of stress begin to kick in. Stress is one the biggest challenges facing both individuals and organisations in today’s fast-changing economy. If left unmanaged, stress can have drastic consequences.

Our key objective is to help entrepreneurs, managers and highly motivated professionals to identify and eliminate the sources of stress in their lives; develop and implement strategies to realise their goals and objectives and; to do all of this while sustaining a high level of health and happiness.


Our Approach

Our collaborative, solution-oriented and results-focused approach is underpinned by best-practice coaching and psychological models. We believe that each organisation and each individual has their own unique vision of success. It is our objective to enable them to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to manage their stress; maximise their performance, and realise that vision. To do this we use a multi-modal model of peak performance management which enables our clients to explore each of the key areas of their performance.

With clear vision and values we provide speaking, coaching and training solutions which are developed using the most effective adult learning and psychological approaches. We assist organisations and individuals to manage stress; unlock their potential and achieve more than they had previously thought possible.

All of our work can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

We are passionate about developing individual potential; continuous education; and linking learning and development to personal and business objectives. – in short, if you are passionate about achieving success through personal and professional development, then you may be our perfect client.

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