Energise yourself to get more from life

You must have energy to enjoy and profit from anything you do in life. Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be full of energy, always enthusiastic and never lacking motivation? In the meantime, you may be feeling empty and drained of all your energy. Maybe you are feeling lethargic and you don’t know and, don’t care what you should be doing. If you are the person who is full of energy, always enthusiastic and motivated; you probably don’t need to read on. However, if your energy could do with a lift, I am going to provide you with some great ways to energise yourself.

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The misguided approach to productivity

Over the past few decades, companies have really amped up their efforts to increase productivity. While some companies do place a high level of emphasis on the welfare of their employees; many companies have seized the opportunity to squeeze every last drop of effort out their employees. Of course, energy is not in infinite supply. There needs to be time for rest and recovery. Since the most recent economic crash, I am hearing more and more stories of companies driving their employees too hard.

It is not just companies that are placing too much demands on people. The nature of our work has changed over the last few decades. The economy used to be dominated by manual labour and factory work. Our jobs were laid out for us. When we went to work in the morning, we knew what we had to do for the day. Now, the economy is moving more towards the knowledge economy.

Every detail of the job is no longer prescribed for us. Before we can conduct our work, we must first work out what we should be doing, how much we should be doing and creating a schedule for ourselves. Unfortunately, most people overestimate how much they can get done in a day and they don’t know how to schedule their day to make the best use of their available energy. Again, we end up placing too many demands upon ourselves.

We are now facing a crisis of personal energy. People are trying to do too much, with too little energy which only results in stress and the negative performance and health consequences that come with it.

Energise yourself

One of the most common complaints that doctors hear is ‘I have no energy’. There can be medical reasons for having a lack of energy and, if you are suffering with a chronic lack of energy, do see your doctor. However, in the majority of cases, the lack of energy has nothing to do with medical ailments. The truth is that people don’t know how to look after themselves, don’t make the effort to look after themselves and, have no idea how to manage their energy.

We all know that when it comes to health, prevention is better than cure. Energy management is one of the best forms of prevention. So, energise yourself, take charge of your health and watch as your productivity and performance also improve.

How to energise yourself

The following are some simple but fundamental ways to energise yourself and create the energy required to meet the demands of your life:

1. Do what you’re passionate about

Passion is one of the greatest energy restorers available. When you are doing something you have a passion for, the passion just takes over. Everything seems easy and you are filled with positive emotions. These emotions act like a battery charger and help to build up your energy levels.

When you make the activities you are passionate about a part of your daily life; not only are your energy levels restored; they increase.

2. Take care of yourself

If you really love someone, you will do everything you can to prevent them from harming themselves in any way. You need to offer that same love to yourself. When you fail to take care of yourself, you are failing to show yourself love.

You have needs such as rest and relaxation, happiness and enjoyment, adventure and challenge; interpersonal relationships and private time. Show yourself some love and make sure that your needs are a top priority in your life.

3. Know your emotions

Your thoughts drive your emotions and some emotions can wear us out. When you think positive thoughts, you’re naturally going to have positive emotions and that is a natural energy booster.

When your energy starts to drop, the first place that you will usually notice it is in your thoughts and emotions. When you notice your thoughts and emotions get negative, it is time to intervene. You can take a break, change activity, go for a walk, meditate, practice some gratitude or, any other activity which will help you recover your positivity.

Discover Effective Hacks to Boost Your Energy Rapidly

I have created a FREE Report containing the Top 10 Energy Hacks to boost your energy and productivity.

Get Your FREE Copy Here

4. Let your values determine your lifestyle

Your values are like your rules for life. They govern the big decisions and help to keep you on the right path. Everybody has their own unique set of values. It is when you act in accordance with your values that you start to live your life in a manner which is true to who you really are. Being true to yourself is one of the most positive things you can do and it fills you with energy.

If you don’t live according to your values and react and perform out of guilt and shame, your energy will wane rapidly.

If you do not know your values, Values Based Living will get you on track.

5. Take responsibility for your life

Everything that you experience in your life is a result of the choices you made and the decisions you took. It’s not about the decisions you took today. The life you live today started to be created with decisions you took years ago. For example, the job you work today came your way because of decisions you made in the past.

If you want to live a life which fills you with energy, enthusiasm and passion, you need to start making the right decisions and taking the right actions today. It takes time but the sooner you start, the quicker you get there.

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To derive more joy and fulfillment from life you need to energise yourself. You need energy for all of the things you would like to do with your life. As you begin to create the life you want, your positive energy increases and you become more passionate. The natural consequence of this is an increase in your energy levels. It really becomes an endless cycle which feeds itself. So, why wait?