Master your physical energy and conquer your goals

Energy management has become more popular in recent times as companies and professionals realise that while time management is great; if you want to get things done, you still need to have the physical energy to do them. Results don’t just come from planning and organising, though they certainly help; results come from taking action and, you can only take action if you have the physical energy to do so.

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Mastering your physical energy

In order to increase your productivity and direct your energy to your most important tasks, you have to learn to master your physical energy. You need to maintain your physical energy in a way that allows you to summon the energy you need, as and when you need it. After all, it is the energy that you put into a task which really dictates how long that task is going to take.

We all have energy – both mental and physical – and your mental energy quotient can greatly affect your physical energy. You have probably had occasions where you had to work on tasks which required great thinking skills and concentration. Upon completion of these tasks, you will have felt that your mental energy had been drained and the only work you were ready for, was work which did not require your full mental faculties.

The great news is that the strategies which build your physical energy levels will also help to build your mental energy levels.

Core strategies to increase your physical energy

While there are many different strategies for building your physical energy, you will find that most of them can be put under one of the core strategies, below:

1. Exercise

When you resist exercise it is usually because you feel like you don’t have the energy and; in the short-term this may appear to be through.

However, a balanced exercise regime will help you to increase your fitness, strength and energy levels pretty quickly. This then allows you to be more resilient and cope better with the demands of your work and personal lives.

People who are fitter and stronger also recover their energy levels quicker after they have performed an energy intensive task or activity. This is because their body has become accustomed to being placed under pressure and has adapted accordingly.

2. Work with your natural energy cycles

Your physical and mental energy levels naturally ebb and flow throughout the day. This allows your body to recover from pressure and stress before they do any lasting damage and it ensures that you maintain optimal energy levels for as much of the day as possible.

By working with your natural cycles, you can speed up your recovery periods, ensuring that your periods of low energy are shorter and less frequent.

3. Nutrition

When we regularly operate on low energy levels and we try to fight against the natural energy cycles of our body; we resort to the wrong food and drink to meet our energy demands. Have you ever noticed that when you are under pressure and short of energy, you turn to sweet sugary foods and drinks, along with coffee?

These foods and drinks only give you a temporary energy high. Once that high has passed, your energy dips to a lower level than previously and you crave more quick energy; resulting in more bad choices. You can see how this turns into a health problem.

You would be better served to establish healthy nutritional habits. Consume foods which release energy more slowly; thus meeting your energy needs for longer. It will boost your energy, health and performance.

4. Breath

Deep, relaxing breathing is an amazing way to clear a lot of negative energy from your body. Especially when you just focus on the breathing. You become mindful and all of the negativity stress and worry just dissipates.

When you find yourself facing a problem; rather than just jump to the first potential solution which jumps into your mind, take a few moments to breathe, pause and think about the situation properly. You will soon identify the best path forwards.

5. Rest

There will always be tasks and activities which require all of your physical energy. You want to be able to meet the demands of these tasks and activities so that you can get the best possible result. Meeting these demands is not just about building your energy levels; you also need to maximise the benefits of your rest and recovery time.

Take time to relax each and every day. Build breaks and rest periods into your schedule and for some active rest; schedule the activities which you are passionate about. Doing this will help you to have all of the energy you need; when you need it.

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There are many things which demand your physical energy each day. It is hard to meet all of these demands, all of the time. The answer to doing so lies in learning to manage your physical energy.  You need to consider how you use your physical energy, what your daily physical energy needs are and what actions you can take to build your energy levels and speed up your recovery periods. This requires effort and commitment but over time, you will see a great improvement in your ability to meet the energy demands of your life.