The morning routine – make the best possible start to the day

You know those days where you wake up feeling like a bear with a sore head? It takes you ages to get started and, even when you do get started, you do not have a clear idea of what you should be doing. When you start a day like this; it rarely gets any better. Days tend to continue along the lines that they started. That is why you need to make sure that you make the best possible start to the day. The problem is that when you wake, your mind is still a little scrambled from enjoying a night’s sleep. Your body is also not prepared to jump straight into work. So, what you need is a morning routine which allows you make a steady start to your day; while your body and mind slowly wake up. This way, by the time you actually start working; you are ready to make the most of your work time.

Many of the most successful and influential leaders in history, both business and politics, describe themselves as having a morning routine. They are no different than you and I; they need to get their motor started too. The morning routine allows them to be prepared for the challenges which lie ahead. It makes it a lot easier to start the day on the right foot.

Don’t be the person whose snooze button is barely working because they have hit it so hard, so many times in an attempt to delay getting out of bed. Don’t be the person who runs out the door with a slice of toast in hand; desperately trying to get their jacket on as they make a mad dash to catch their transport to work.

The main advantage of the morning routine

Whether you are a morning person or not, the reality is that the morning is when you are most likely to have uninterrupted time to focus on your most important work. One of the reasons for this is that everybody else is poorly prepared to start the day. They don’t have a morning routine so they have barely woken up by lunch time. As a consequence, they have been unable to interrupt their own slumber; let alone interrupt you. You need to make the most of the opportunities offered to you in the morning because the effectiveness of the morning determines the importance of the day.

Another reason why you tend to experience less distractions in the morning is because there has been less time for things to go wrong and; less time for people to notice the things which have gone wrong. Let’s face it; the majority of unimportant disruptions occur when things go wrong. So, you can make the best of your day by getting your most important work done before things have had the chance to go wrong. Waking yourself up with a morning routine will put you in the best position to take advantage of these opportunities. Then, even if the rest of your day is a bust you can rest assured that you accomplished at least those few important things.

Building your morning routine

The following are some examples of things you might include in your morning routine to help you make the right start to the day. The actual content of your routine is up to you:

1. A glass of water

Even though you have been asleep for hours; your body has been performing some valuable maintenance work to help you recover from the stresses and strains of the previous day. It is likely that you will be a little dehydrated so, why not start the day with a big glass of water to help refresh your body.

2. Shower

Make sure your shower is at the right temperature. Avoid too much heat as this can make you feel tired. In fact, taking the shower as cold as you can manage will actually wake you up quicker and get you going.

3. Healthy Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is crucial to start your day off well. You don’t need to have a different menu each day as this will only lead to stress and decision fatigue. You really don’t want to have to make decisions this early in the day so, have the same breakfast each day and you will be able to prepare it without even thinking about it.

Enjoy the same healthy breakfast and you will be filling your body with the energy it needs to make a good start to the day. You will need this energy so don’t ever skip breakfast.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to ease yourself into the day. It soothes your mind and allows it wake you up gradually. It helps you to remove any worrying thoughts and get focused for the day ahead.

5. Stretch

As you get older, your body gets more stressed and tense. As a result, your muscles tighten up and this can lead to pain and discomfort which can impact on your ability to perform to your best.

Implementing a simple stretching routine in the morning helps you to loosen up and get ready for what lies ahead; all while relieving tension and stress.

6. Take a walk

You may wish to take a short walk in the morning to wake your body and mind up and think about what you are going to be working on for the day. Of course, this can be part of your journey to work so that you are combining two activities at once.

7. Affirmations

Affirmations are a fantastic way to build up your confidence and self-belief. The great thing about affirmations is that you just need a little privacy so you can say them just about anywhere. You can even say your affirmations while you take your shower or while you are taking a walk. There is no reason not to fit affirmations into your day.

8. Review your plan for the day

You should have a plan for each day; ideally made the night before. Quickly review each item on the list and make sure that you have everything you need to get the job done.

If you would like to become more organised, check out The Organised Mind.

A morning routine helps you to make the best possible start to the day. Instead of waking up stressed and fatigued; you ease yourself gently into the day. Because it is a routine which you do every day, you don’t need to waste a lot of energy deciding what you should be doing. This means that your body and mind can wake up gradually and, stress-free. This way, when you do start your working day; you will be full of energy and ready to take on the challenges of the day.